Miss me with the whole “are you vegan?” questions because I will flat out tell you no. If you know me personally, you know I cook any and everything as long as it’s good. I could careless about if something has bread or not LOL! I LOVE a good thin crust pizza and this cauliflower crust I bought from HEB reminded me of the thin crust pizza I loved from Dominoes! I didn’t know what to do this day because I barely had any groceries but I did find some DJs boudain and Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce and made QUICK magic.

Hubby is the king of suya so I guess I’ll give him his kudos on these well spiced air fryer wings! These weren’t just any suya wings though these were Lemon Pepper Suya honey! You had to be there.


Cauliflower crust doesn’t even taste like a vegetable