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Discover what our guests are saying about their unforgettable experience at the SRC Popup Kitchen! Here’s a glimpse into their experiences and the magic they found at our events
Sarah M.

I attended the blind group event and was blown away by the conversations and connections that unfolded. The food was exceptional, but it was the genuine connections that truly made the evening special. A truly unique and enriching experience!

Alex P.

SRC Popup Kitchen delivers not just a meal but an entire experience. From the moment you step in, you're enveloped in warmth, conversation, and flavors that transport you to a different world. Each dish is a masterpiece, and each conversation is a treasure.

Juan G.

As a food enthusiast, I'm always seeking unique dining experiences, and SRC Popup Kitchen exceeded my expectations. I went with my girlfriend, which added an element of excitement, and the thought-provoking conversations made the evening unforgettable. I can't wait to join again!

Emily S.

SRC Popup Kitchen is more than just a dining event; it's a celebration of culture, connection, and community. I’m a white girl if that matters LOL so I was asking LOTS of questions! The curated menus and the attention to detail make every moment extraordinary. The blind group event introduced me to amazing people and perspectives.