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Bubbles & Chops

Groups of 3: starting $182 per person, Groups of 4: starting $137 per person, Groups of 5: starting $109 per person, Groups of 6: starting $91 per person

Flavor & Soul

Couple: starting $317 per couple, Groups of 3: starting $211 per person, Groups of 4: starting $158 per person, Groups of 5: starting $127 per person, Groups of 6: starting $105 per person

Trifecta Temptation

Couple: starting $340 per couple, Groups of 3: starting $225 per person, Groups of 4: starting $170 per person, Groups of 5: starting $135 per person, Groups of 6: starting $115 per person

Bubbles & Chops

Get ready to embark on a delectable journey through Nigerian flavors with our Bubbles and Chops menu, a collection of savory and irresistible bites that will tantalize your taste buds served with champagne. From the bold spices of suya to the comforting familiarity of Jollof, our Bubbles and Chops menu promises a feast of savory delights that will leave you craving more.

i. Meat Pies

Savor the flaky goodness of our Meat Pies, a beloved Nigerian treat that features a buttery pastry enveloping a savory filling of spiced minced meat and vegetables. The perfect bite-sized snack to start your culinary adventure.

ii. Suya Wings

Indulge in the bold and smoky flavors of our Suya Wings, succulent chicken wings marinated in a special blend of spices, including ground peanuts and fiery chili pepper. Grilled to perfection, each bite is a tantalizing explosion of taste.

iii. Beef Suya

Experience the iconic Nigerian street food with our Beef Suya, tender strips of beef expertly seasoned and grilled to a delightful char. The blend of spices and nutty flavors creates a mouthwatering sensation that's both savory and spicy.

iv. Suya Ribs

Elevate your palate with our Suya ribs, succulent pork ribs coated in the signature suya spice blend and expertly grilled. The combination of succulent pork and aromatic spices is a symphony of flavors that's sure to impress.

v. Shrimp Suya

Indulge in the tantalizing flavors of our Shrimp Suya – succulent shrimp expertly grilled and coated in our signature suya spice blend, creating a harmonious symphony of succulence and aromatic spices that is sure to impress your palate.

vi. Naija Deviled Eggs

Delight in a Nigerian twist on a classic favorite with our Naija Deviled Eggs. Creamy egg yolks are mixed with a medley of spices and stewed gizdodo, creating a unique and unforgettable appetizer.

vii. Jollof & Beef Eggrolls

Experience the fusion of two beloved dishes in our Jollof & Beef Eggrolls. Fragrant Jollof rice and seasoned beef are enveloped in a crispy eggroll wrapper, creating a tantalizing blend of textures and tastes that celebrate the essence of Nigerian cuisine.

Flavor & Soul

Step into a world where every bite is a symphony of flavors, and every dish tells a story of tradition and innovation. Our Flavor & Soul menu is a captivating culinary journey that brings the heart and soul of Nigeria’s rich gastronomic heritage to your plate. 

i. Appetizer

Goat Pepper Soup - Begin your voyage with the spirited choice of Goat Pepper Soup. This authentic Nigerian starter embrace the warmth of traditional spices and herbs, inviting you to savor the soulful essence of the region.

ii. Main

Smoky Jollof Rice w/Oxtail & Plantain - Indulge in the signature dish that has captured hearts at SRCKitchen throughout the years and find out why it’s our best seller! Our Smoky Jollof Rice is a celebration of taste, with each grain infused with layers of aromatic spices. The 24-hour marinated oxtail, which makes for a luxurious pair with our rice, is the perfect tender protein that embodies both flavor and comfort.

iii. Dessert

Brown Butter Cookie Banana Pudding - Conclude your epicurean odyssey with an SRC favorite that adds a cherry on top to your meal. Our Brown Butter Cookie Banana Pudding is a delightful fusion of fluffy pudding and cookies, inviting you to savor every bit of this sweet delicacy.

Trifecta Temptation

Experience a showcase of fusion African flavors and culinary traditions, inviting diners to savor a symphony of tastes, from the comforting and spicy appetizer to the aromatic main courses with a triple suya meat combo and the decadent dessert to end your meal. It’s a culinary experience that blends familiar elements with exciting twists, promising a memorable and satisfying meal.

i. Appetizer

Sweet Potato Goat or Catfish Pepper Soup - A comforting and flavorful soup that blends the sweetness of sweet potatoes with the rich and tender goat meat, all infused with a touch of spicy pepper for a tantalizing kick. The perfect introduction to the symphony of African flavors.

ii. Main

Jollof Rice or Coconut Rice with Beef, Shrimp, and Chicken Suya & Plantain - Embark on a culinary journey with your choice of either the aromatic Jollof Rice, a vibrant and savory dish with seasoned rice cooked in a tomato-based sauce, or the fragrant Coconut Rice, delicately infused with coconut milk. Succulent bites of marinated beef, shrimp, and tender chicken suya, grilled to perfection and accompanied by the ever-popular plantain, adding a touch of sweetness to the savory ensemble.

iii. Dessert

Cheesecake Banana Pudding - Indulge in a luscious dessert that brings together the creamy richness of cheesecake with the delightful sweetness of banana pudding. Layers of velvety cheesecake and banana-infused goodness create a dessert that's both familiar and exotic.


Elevate your dining experience with our thoughtfully curated selection of drinks that perfectly complement the vibrant flavors of our culinary creations. From refreshing sips that celebrate tradition to indulgent sips that offer a touch of familiarity, our drink offerings are reflections of the diverse and comforting essence of SRC Popup Kitchen.

i. Wine

Sip on your choice of red or white wine, perfectly complementing the rich flavors of the meal.

ii. Chapman

A refreshing, and vibrant Nigerian cocktail made with a mix of fruity flavors, soda, and a splash of grenadine.

iii. Malt

Enjoy the unique taste of malt beverage, a popular non-alcoholic choice in African cuisine.

iv. Water

Stay refreshed with a choice of still or sparkling water.


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