I think Breakfast and Brunch is one of my favorite things to indulge in. I can have breakfast for dinner. My creative juices flow the best first thing in the morning. I know my Instagram can be a bit overwhelming but believe it or not, I like to keep it simple with a little flare…let me be the first to say, you get no merits for making hot cakes from the box or scratch because half the time, people can’t even tell the difference. I mean I’ve had pancakes that didn’t even have flour in it and I honestly couldn’t tell the difference because they were that damn good. 

Girl go get that boxed Pancake mix and follow the instructions.

Berry Sauce:

a handful of WASHED blueberries

a handful of WASHED cranberries

a handful of WASHED blackberries

EMPHASIS ON WASHED! LOL! (no but really..)

a squeeze of lime juice

3 spoons of brown sugar

a spoon of honey

a spoon of vinegar

a cinnamon stick

sliced orange (optional)

Let it boil on low/medium heat and you got your self a smooth and bubbly syrup! Easy right?!


It doesn’t have to be cute, long as it taste good!