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Spoiled Rotten Catering Co. is a Houston based food platform specializing in providing resources to new catering companies, upcoming chefs, or those in the food influencing space, who have a desire to expand in revenue and launching. We strive to provide you with resources and tools in order to gain exposure for your platform. Although SRC has transitioned out of the catering atmosphere, SRC continues to give a world class service in private chef dinners for 2. The owner and director, Clarice Eze, has had the opportunity to cook here in the great city of Houston for many amazing people since 2014 but seeks to provide a space for at home chefs, food influencers, and caterers to be unapologetic with their brand.

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We will learn the importance of not keeping all of your eggs in one basket. As entrepreneurs, we forget that there is more than one way to skin a cow. You are here because you have a desire to capitalize on what you ALREADY have. Yes, new ideas can be inspired by present activity or inventory. You want to be able to naturally upsell, generate income, and data within your platform. You want to test trial and error too in order to understand if that product is seasonal or all year round. In order to properly generate multiple streams of income, you need to first nip things in the bud by finding out if you have the bandwidth, the mental capacity because depending on how well you do, the demand can increase exponentially, study your clientele, study your loyalty, and most importantly know if your product solves a problem.


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Are you an at home chef who wants to capitalize on your hobby, a food influencer looking to make an audience aware of your content, a new chef trying to find their way in the food industry, a chef with no resources looking to pick up the pieces to a puzzle, or someone with no direction on how to make their catering brand more efficient? Fear not! In this course we release gems, keys to locked doors, and detailed methods on how your business can blossom in a lucrative industry. You get one on one time with the owner and director herself, who will also be your coach for the next 6 weeks. Our job is to provide you the work while you do the work! All students will receive a certificate upon completion. See below the requirements before signing up for this amazing 1-1 course on how we can better prepare you before launching your catering business!


  1. Own a catering or food platform
  2. Must sign up for a $50 60-minute consultation before beginning this 6-week or self-paced course
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